Pixel Insurance Group and its partners recognize the importance of your trust. Protecting your confidential and personal information is a top priority for us and for all insurance providers nationwide; including but not limited to our employees, insurance agents, and other affiliated staff members. 

This notice, required by state and federal law, explains our current privacy policy.

1. According to strict standards of security –  any confidential, non-public or personal information shared with us will be substantially safeguarded. “Non-public and personal information” includes your name, address, social security number and or credit information. We always strive to keep all of our customers’ personal information safe and secure. 

  1. We’re committed to protecting your privacy and collecting only the minimum amount of information needed to provide you with our celebrated superior service. Information may be shared with us from the following sources: 
  • Information provided to us from our customers on applications and other related forms;
  • From transactions with us, our affiliates and partners; (for example telephone calls, e-mails, and other communications with us, as well as from claim investigators, medical professionals, witnesses or other third parties involved in our business dealings with you), 
  • From consumer reporting agencies; and
  • From your transactions with non-affiliated third parties.
  1. Only authorized insurance providers, representatives or agents have access to approved personal customer information provided to us. Insurance providers who violate our privacy policy are subject to an extensive disciplinary process.
  2. We do not share any confidential information provided to us with outside insurance providers who have not been recognized as a partner or trusted affiliate of Pixel Insurance Group. Without an authorized disclosure signed by the customer – any information pertaining to the administration of a customers’ policy/account, or the marketing/advertising of additional insurance products will not be permitted under state and federal law.
  3. Our partnered insurance providers are not only obligated to protect our valued customers’ confidential information, but we require it. Insurance providers who violate our privacy policy are subject to legal action.
  4. To update your personal information, please contact us.
  5. In an effort to ensure customer information is protected we regularly review and update our privacy policy. 

To help ensure the security of personal and financial information that you submit through this website, we use security software to encrypt the information during its transmission. We only allow information to be submitted for transmission if your browser is compatible with our security software. If your browser is not compatible, you will receive a message indicating your transaction cannot be completed because of the security risk.

Pixel Insurance uses a secure server and security protocol to safeguard any information you provide. The secure server implements the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to interact with you when you provide personal information. This technology sends your data through an encrypted tunnel via 128-bit encryption so a third party cannot read the information while in transit. All personal information stored by American Family Insurance is housed securely.

We also use JavaScript, so please enable JavaScript in your browser. We only utilize JavaScript to create more dynamic and user-friendly pages.