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Auto Insurance

By taking the time to vet our auto insurance partners, we ensure that you get the best experience and more bang for your buck.

Auto Insurance

- How Much Car Insurance Do I Need ?
- How Much Is Car Insurance?
- What Does Car Insurance Cover ?
- Types Of Car Insurance
- How To Lower Car Insurance?
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Home Insurance

Whether you’re a first time buyer or simply interested in switching providers - we will get you the coverage that makes the most sense for you and/or your family’s needs..

Home Insurance

- Home Insurance
- What Does Home Insurance Cover ?
- Understanding Homeowners Insurance
- Homeowners Insurance Vs. Home Warranty
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Health Insurance

All American citizens are required by law to have health insurance. If you don’t you could face a hefty fine on your federal tax returns. We’re here to help walk you ...

Health Insurance

- What Is Health Insurance?
- How Health Insurance Works?
- Special Considerations
- Changes In The Affordable Care Act
- Medicare And CHIP
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Commercial Insurance

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to commercial insurance policies. That’s why we carefully work with you to find a plan that suits your business needs exactly.

Commercial Insurance

- Commercial Lines Insurance Defined
- Breaking Down Commercial Lines Insurance
- Types Of Commercial Lines Insurance
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Life Insurance

A life insurance policy can be a valuable asset that can help give you peace of mind knowing you aren’t leaving your loved ones with a financial burden.


Life Insurance

- How Does Life Insurance Work ?
- What Does Life Insurance Cover?
- What Are The Different Types Of Life Insurance?
- What Is Whole Life Insurance?
- What Is Term Life Insurance ?
- How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
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Michael Cobzac
Michael Cobzac
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I bought a new car, explored a lot of insurance agencies through the Internet, and honestly I was confused and did not know which one to choose. So, I asked for information to my friends. Fortunately, one of my closest friends suggested me to apply to Pixel Insurance, and they offered me an affordable price. I was surprised that they speak my native language. So, with my positive experience with them, I would recommend them to my friends too.
Alina G
Alina G
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I had a great experience with the insurance agent from Pixel Insurance. I reached them a few days prior to my renewal and they were able to provide even a better price in comparison to the previous company. I received a quote within a few hours for my personal car insurance and even acquired the renter's insurance for a very affordable.
Ciprian M.
Ciprian M.
Read More
Amazing company. Soltan took my info and asked me what I'm looking for and from here she went far and behind looking for the best solution, keeping me informed at my alternatives in order to get a better deal. Thanks

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As an insurance broker we understand that it isn’t just about simply choosing a policy. It’s also about the ability to maintain that policy for years to come and the understanding that you have options. Pixel Insurance works with you to find insurance policies that make sense. No matter what life brings you, when you work with The Pixel Group you will always have the support you need.

We are an insurance superstore.  With hundreds of companies, whatever your need–auto, home, life, health, commercial, dental, pet–we have you covered.  You get the lowest rate with the best company year after year.  We do the comparison shopping for you, provide you the superior service you expect, and all at the very best price. 

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With more than 100 top-rated companies, Pixel will find you exactly the right coverage at the lowest possible price, year after year.

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